Top 4 tips for solving common PC problems

Top 4 tips for solving common PC problems

Top 4 tips for solving common PC problems

The IT support department of antivirus company MYSecurityCenter conducted research on the most common computer issues suffered by British home users in 2012. Below are the top 10 most common PC problems, and some tips on solving – or even preventing – them from security expert Janus Rægaard Nielsen.
1. My computer is slow
The most common problem of all. A slow computer can cause many frustrations, but fortunately there is something you can do yourself before you replace it. There may be several reasons for a slow computer; however, the most common is lack of maintenance. Fragmented data, a corrupted registry, spyware and dozens of unnecessary programs running at the same time, easily eat at the speed and performance of your PC.
Keep track of your programs. Remove those of which you never use or shut them down when you’ve used them. Clean your registry with one of the many free or paid applications available for Windows. These two initiatives alone will easily be able to make your PC up to 30% faster. Also, run Disk Defragmenter and stop unwanted programs starting with Windows by running MSconfig: see our guide on How to make your Windows PC boot faster
2. My computer freezes
If you suspect the problem is hardware related, you can try uninstalling any component you recently installed, or try removing or unplugging unnecessary hardware one piece at a time then booting your PC to see if the problem goes away. You can also try using Windows Restore to roll back to a previous restore point.
3. I forgot to backup my data
Find a solution that automatically makes backup to an external hard drive, server or cloud service. If you choose to back up to a hard drive, make sure that it is not placed near your computer as in case of fire it will also be destroyed. Backup should preferably be an automated process that operates independently of whether you remember it or not. Online backup solutions have the advantage that you can access your data from anywhere in the world. They are not affected by natural disasters, and most online services guarantees 100% security by providing backup to their backup.
4. I get bombarded with adware and my home page has changed
Read the conditions before downloading a new program and pay attention to what you allow. If damage is done, it can be difficult to remove the program. The best bet is to follow the instructions found when looking for information about the specific problem on Google. There are probably others who have had the same challenge and have described the solution on the internet. If you are not so technical, professional PC support may be the solution.


We hope you find our Top 4 tips for solving common PC problems helpful!

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