Best techniques for Power Raking leaves

Best techniques for Power Raking leaves

Best techniques for Power Raking leaves

Now if you have to rake the leaves, then you should definitely choose a non-windy day so that there is no interference. And if you only have just one day to rake your leaves, then rake it in the direction of the wind. And also raking into the wind helps the breeze which picks up your leaves and will blow them around.

Here you will be shown some of the best techniques which can be used in raking leaves.
•    Plastic Sheet Method
•    Determine the destination area where all the leaves will go after the collection. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bag or back into the garden, but you would have to finalise it before you start raking your leaves.
•    Also before raking leaves, you would have to finalise on how much time it will take to rake leaves and how much time do you have for that. So if you have less time, divide the task into days.
•    Get a rake and big plastic sheet which is around 6 feet square. If you do not have a plastic sheet then a large-  sheet of burlap or old cloth can also be used.
•    Moving with your feet, try to put the rake leaves straight back and move with the rake as you walk towards the back.
•    Spread the plastic sheet on the ground and pull all the leaves onto the plastic sheet with the help of the rake. Now when you are done with that, take one corner of the sheet and join it with the corner diagonally across from it. Perform the same action with the other diagonal. Now once you are done with it, carry the plastic sheet containing leaves to the destination area and dump it there.
•    No Rake Method
•    You can use any kind of power mower in this but mulching mower will work the best. Now another thing which you should know is that instead of blowing all the clippings out of the side, it has no vent and keep on shredding the leaves or grass until the pieces are small so that they disappear.
•    Also use the mulching mower regularly during leaf-fall season. This is because so that the buildup on the lawn will never get too thick. It will also be the best if the leaves are dry.

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